Event calendar

Swedish Suppliers of Heat Treatment Equipment (SHTE) is organizing a conference on Materials and Heat Treatment Technology. Meet Stresstech at Heat Treatment Conference, booth 2:12.
The A4A Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Forum enables NDT professionals and industry leaders to meet each year and discuss current trends, issues and successes in NDT methodologies. Visit Stresstech here at the booth 5.
Stresstech submits a paper for International Conference on Shot Peening entitled "Residual Stress Measurement by ESPI Hole Drilling and XRD – A Comparison of the Methods Using Measurements on Shot-peened Titanium Alloys" by T.J. Rickert and L. Suominen
Visit Stresstech at Emo Hannover Stand B 59 in Hall 6.
12th International Conference on Barkhausen Noise and Micromagnetic Testing ICBM 12 will be held in Dresden, Germany - once the home city of Professor Barkhausen and birth place of the Barkhausen effect - on September 24-26, 2017. The Conference is organized by the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS in cooperation with Stresstech GmbH, and will be held at the IKTS, Maria-Reiche-Strasse 2, 01109 Dresden, Germany.
Stresstech is giving a presentation titled “Barkhausen noise, the principles and application examples” at Bias Kullanıcı Konferansı, Istanbul, Turkey.
The annual seminar on quality control equipment takes place on October 10-11, 2017 in Valtice, Czech Republic.
The leading forum addressing structure, properties, processing and performance across the materials community. Meet Stresstech at booth 508.
The annual seminar on quality control equipment takes place on October 12, 2017 in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.
Heat Treat 2017, the biennial show from the ASM Heat Treating Society, co-located with Gear Expo 2017. Meet Stresstech at Gear Expo, booth 1602.
Gear Expo, THE Drive Technology Show, continues to grow and serve thousands of drive technology experts and power transmission professionals. Meet Stresstech at booth 1602.
The central objective of the Residual Stress Summit series is to bring together residual stress users, (who have "problems" and are in search of "solutions") and developers (who have "solutions" and are in search of "problems").