Anders Vallenfjord and Per-Håkan Kalbhenn from KmK Instrument AB visiting the measurement laboratory at Stresstech Oy
February 2, 2024

New distributor in Sweden: KmK Instrument AB

KmK Instrument AB in Västerås and Stresstech Oy in Finland have signed a cooperation agreement where KmK Instrument takes over the responsibility for distribution, sales and service of Stresstech’s products in Sweden from 2024-01-01.

Barkhausen noise analysis with Rollscan 350 and general purpose sensor.
February 7, 2023

University campaign 2023

Barkhausen noise system for advanced material analysis now available with special University discount.

Jonas Holmber measuring with Xstress G2R.
January 11, 2022

RISE IVF tested Xstress DR45 system: “Outstanding in comparison to all other systems that we have in regard to measurement times and possibility to measure with a small collimator.”

When Xstress DR45 was launched, COVID-19 caused lockdowns all over the world and we had no chance to demonstrate the new product in person. Instead we decided to send the system for our long-term partners for try-out to collect feedback. This is the interview of Jonas Holmberg from RISE IVF about their experience.

June 9, 2020

Residual stress measurement faster than ever with new Xstress DR45 X-ray diffractometer

Xstress DR45 is a new generation of X-ray diffractometers that deliver high quality data faster than ever before. The speed and accuracy of the Xstress DR45 takes residual stress measurements beyond the laboratory and into the production line. All-new software with an intuitive, uncomplicated interface pairs with state-of-the art technology to offer seamless efficiency.

Xstress G3 measuring a crankshaft
May 14, 2020

Webinar: Advancements and Applications for Measuring Residual Stress via X-ray Diffraction

X-ray diffraction (XRD) is an industry accepted method for determining residual stress in crystalline materials. This webinar is the second in a series of presentations providing current and future users with useful information on the operating fundamentals of XRD, technological advancements, and commercially available hardware, as well as examples of practical applications. Emphasis is placed on XRD for process optimization/validation and quality control.