Rollscan 350 (a digital Barkhausen noise analyzer)

Rollscan 350

The Rollscan 350 analyzer bring power and efficiency to quality inspection of piston pins, gears, bearing rings and rollers, camshafts and crankshafts, and aircraft landing gear parts.

Rollscan 350 is a digital Barkhausen noise analyzer. It is designed for surface quality control and testing of near-surface defects such as grinding burns, heat treatment defects, as well as changes in stress and microstructure in a wide variety of ferritic steel and other ferromagnetic materials. Quality inspection with Rollscan is fast and can easily match the production rates of most manufacturing lines, enabling process control in real-time. As a result, significant quality improvements, savings on material costs and improved manufacturing productivity have been realized by companies using the Rollscan system.

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