Measure for success

Stresstech has been supplying solutions for residual stress applications to the aerospace industry for more than 30 years.Our focus is on residual stresses and we have developed several different methods for detecting and measuring residual stresses in different materials and components.

Typical applications for the aerospace industry contains low-volume high cost components with extremely high demands of quality and safety. Stresstech has solutions for meeting these demands.

One example is testing of deformation damages in landing gears. The Barkhausen noise method can be used to inspect possible areas of damage also through the chrome plating. Earlier procedures using nital etching required the chrome plating to be removed to be able to inspect the deformed areas. After inspection and possible actions, the component had to be chrome plated again. Inspection with Barkhausen noise can be done through the chrome plating as this coating is non-magnetic. Big savings in both time and work.

Another example is measurement of residual stresses around rivets of an aircraft body. The Institute of Aerospace in Warsaw, Poland has made deep investigations in this subject using Stresstech Xstress x-ray diffractometer, to measure the residual stresses.