Measure for success

Stresstech has been supplying solutions for residual stress applications to the automotive industry for more than 30 years. Our focus is on residual stresses and we have developed several different methods for detecting and measuring residual stresses in different materials and components.

Typical applications for the automotive industry contains medium- to high-volume cost components with extremely high demands of quality, safety, and wearability. Stresstech has solutions for meeting these demands.

The Barkhausen noise method can easily be automated. This is an advantage both for ergonomic reasons and for repeatability and reproducibility. Stresstech has developed several fully automated robot cells for 100% inspection of components to the automotive industry. Components like camshafts or large gears. The Barkhausen noise method is excellent in helping to both optimize and control the quality of the grinding process. The grinding process need to be optimized for maximum productivity, but still producing components with high quality and without grinding burns.

X-ray diffraction can be used to verify the shot-peening process of gears. The Xstress diffractometer can be placed close to the process and with the help from results from residual stress measurements, the shot-peening process can be verified and optimized.