Barkhausen noise measurement

About stresstech

Stresstech is headquartered in Finland and has offices in Germany, the United States, and India, as well as sales and service representatives around the world. For more than 30 years, Stresstech has been providing non-destructive and destructive testing solutions for process control and quality inspection.


Stresstech’s mission is to serve the quality control needs of transportation industry as well as energy and marine industry and research institutes alike . We have the knowledge and experience all under one roof from basic science to final assembly. Our team of experts is committed to innovate, develop, and manufacture turnkey systems for:

  • residual stress measurement
  • heat treatment verification
  • grinding burn detection


Stresstech’s vision is to ensure that the components used in transportation industry as well as in energy and marine industry are sustainable, reliable, and safe. Our vision is to develop science-based quality control solutions so simple and effective that every manufacturer within our target market industries are willing to use one.

Customer value statement

With Stresstech solutions, you can improve and control the quality of your manufacturing process where material properties can change during the machining or heat treatment processes.

History of Stresstech