Prism measuring a ring


Prism is an advanced hole-drilling system that dramatically improves the ability to make quick and accurate residual stress measurements.

Just like the conventional strain gage hole-drilling systems, the instrument measures changes in the part surface caused by the hole drilling and determines the previously existing residual stresses. However, the often time-consuming application of strain gages is avoided and a large area around the hole is analyzed, not averages from just a few areas. Prism measures surface distortion using electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI). Only minimal sample preparation is required.

Prism system measures surface distortion optically using laser light that is diffusely reflected from the sample surface. PrismS software manages the measurement, collects the data and analyses the results and data quality.

Key benefits

  • Little preparation: clean measurement surface with low-reflectivity (may be spray painted).
  • Non-contact: only requires direct visual path to part; no strain gages to be applied.
  • Fast: extensive depth profile within ½ hour.
  • User friendly: easy-to-use Windows based software.
  • Easy: computer controlled, automatic measurement.
  • Materials: includes materials difficult for XRD like titanium and plastics; limited mainly by the ability to drill holes of good quality.