Xstress x-ray diffractometer measuring residual stress on crankshaft

Xstress product Line

Xstress X-ray diffractometers are designed for residual stress and retained austenite measurements. This non-destructive technology can provide you with reliable, unmatched data for quality control assessment.

Xstress product line of X-ray diffractometers is suitable for use in the field, factory, and laboratory settings. From system setup to post measurement analysis, easy to understand data is delivered quickly so that no time is wasted in improving your quality inspection process.

Xstress X-ray diffractometers and accessories

Xstress DR45
 X-ray diffractometer: Xstress G2
 X-ray diffractometer: Xstress G2R
X-ray diffractometer: Xstress G3
X-ray diffractometer: Xstress Robot
Xstress Accessories


Xstress product line applications

X-ray diffraction is the standard method for measuring surface stresses non-destructively. Additionally, a stress depth profile can be obtained via electropolishing. Xstress diffractometers are useful tools during the product or production development phase and in quality control.