Xstress DR45

Xstress DR45 is a new generation of X-ray diffractometers that deliver high quality data faster than ever before. The speed and accuracy of the Xstress DR45 takes residual stress measurements beyond the laboratory and into the production line. All-new software with an intuitive, uncomplicated interface pairs with state-of-the-art technology to offer seamless efficiency.

Xstress DR45 measuring gear
Xstress DR45 for manufacturing industry
  • Fast measurement, suitable even for production area
  • Easy to use software for operators
  • Templates for frequent measurements
Xstress DR45 system
Xstress DR45 for laboratory use
  • Follows the standard EN15305
  • Multiple calculations available, includes features such as linear and elliptical regression, Dölle-Hauk, stress tensor and principal stresses. Peak fitting functions include cross-correlation, parabolic, Gauss, Lorentz, modified Lorentz, intermediate Lorentz, Pearson VII, Pseudo-Voigt, Voigt, centroid, centered centroid, sliding center of gravity, and midchord
  • X-ray diffractometer design enables measuring a great variation of different sized and shaped parts
  • Effortless and fast X-ray tube change
Xstrss DR45 X-ray diffractometer
Xstress DR45 for field use
  • Quick assembly, ready to use in 10 minutes
  • Robust design in diffractometer and Xstress MU
  • Diffractometer design enables measurement on uneven surfaces; with magnetic legs diffractometer can be fixed to different positions.