Xstress G2

X-ray diffractometer Xstress G2 represents advances in design and construction, which provide enhanced reliability and function in a truly portable residual stress and retained austenite analyzer.

Xstress G2
    • Non-destructive
    • Suitable for laboratory, factory and ­field use
    • Quick assembly, ready to use in 10 minutes
    • Easy replacement of X-ray tube (Cr, Cu, Co, Fe, V, Ti, Mn) which enables measuring different materials
    • Measurement distance 50 mm
    • Two NMOS position sensitive detectors
    • Instantly adjustable 2θ-angle
    • XTronic software for running the measurement and calculating residual stresses and retained austenite content (optional)
    • d-sin²χ and Ω-measurement modes as a standard