Xstress Mini

Xstress Mini is the smallest X-ray diffractometer in the Xstress product line. The lightweight Xstress Mini can be used to measure residual stresses for quality and process control. This unit is easily portable and ideal for measurements on-site, at the factory, or in the laboratory.

Xstress Mini
  • Complete X-ray diffractometer in a single portable unit
  • Non-destructive
  • From package to residual stress data in less than 5 minutes
  • Two NMOS position sensitive detectors, two beam X-ray output
  • Single irradiation: two exposures measured simultaneously
  • χ (chi) measurement mode
  • Cr X-ray tube: Max. output 30 kV/1.6 mA/48 W
  • Air cooled system
  • XTronic software for running the measurement and calculating residual stresses
Xstress Mini applications