End-of-Year Discounts on X-Ray Diffraction and Barkhausen Noise Systems

Take advantage of these limited time offers until 31 December 2020.

Upgrade your laboratory with the latest innovation in X-ray Diffraction

Xstress DR45 is a new generation of X-ray diffractometers that delivers high quality data faster than ever before. Paired with the state-of-the-art DR45 diffractometer, the all-new Xstress Studio software has an intuitive, uncomplicated interface which combines to provide a seamless experience.

We are pleased to offer a discount on our Xstress product line: the new Xstress DR45, Xstress G2, Xstress G2R, and Xstress G3. This discount is valid until 31 December 2020.

xstress DR45 with laptop computer

Xstress DR45

  • Residual stress results (MPa) in less than 45 seconds (1 mm collimator, Cr tube, hardened tool steel, 5/5 tilts)
  • Measurements in accordance with EN15305
  • New software with multiple calculations available. Includes features such as linear and elliptical regression, Dölle-Hauk, stress tensor and principal stresses. Peak fitting functions include cross-correlation, parabolic, Gauss, Lorentz, modified Lorentz, intermediate Lorentz, Pearson VII, Pseudo-Voigt, Voigt, centroid, centered centroid, sliding center of gravity, and midchord
  • Diffractometer design enables measuring a great variation of different sized and shaped parts
  • Due to the fast 2D detectors it is possible to measure a wide variety of materials with Cr tube
  • 2D Detectors with data processing reduce the effect of texture on residual stress results
  • Quick assembly, ready to use in 10 minutes
  • Diffractometer design enables measurement on uneven surfaces; with magnetic legs diffractometer can be fixed to different positions

Add Barkhausen Noise and Micro-Magnetic Analysis to your measurement portfolio

MicroScan software is designed to expand the limits of Barkhausen noise technique. It provides a wide range of user definable measurement and analysis parameters, allowing the system to adjust to virtually any test condition. MicroScan allows you to compare multiple measurements at the same time.

We are pleased to offer a discount on our Rollscan 350 analyzer with General Purpose Sensor and Microscan software. This discount is valid until 31 December 2020.

Barkhausen noise (BN) system with MicroScan software

  • BN RMS (average, positive and negative)
  • BN Burst Peak value (average, positive and negative)
  • BN Burst Peak position (average, positive and negative)
  • BN Burst FWHM (average, positive and negative)
  • BN Signal amplitude spectrum
  • Integral of the bursts for a relative hysteresis
  • Pulse height distribution of the BN signal
  • User definable frequency ranges make it possible to characterize near surface gradients such as stress, plastic deformation, hardness, etc.
Rollscan 350 Barkhausen noise analyzer

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