Barkhausen Noise Signal Analyzers

FeatureRollscan 250Rollscan 350Rollscan 320
Measurement channels212 (with 8 parallel analyzers up to 16 channels)
Magnetizing voltage range0-16 Volts0-16 Volts0-16 Volts
Magnetizing waveform Sine/Triangle✔/✔✔/✔✔/✔
Magnetizing frequency range Sine/Triangle1-1000 Hz/1-150 Hz1-1000 Hz/1-150 Hz1-1000 Hz/1-150 Hz
Analyzing filter range70-200 kHz10-70 kHz, 70-200 kHz, 200-450 kHz70-200 kHz
Magnetizing & frequency sweepN/AAutomatic/VisibleN/A
Measurement parameter controlManual/RemoteManual/RemoteRemote
Oscilloscope display/software-/-✔/✔-/✔
Battery option
MicroScan option

Magnetizing Voltage Range: Adjustment range for power output for sensor.
Magnetizing Waveform: Sine for standard measurement and triangle for special purposes
Magnetizing Frequency Range: Sensor performance optimization
Analyzing Filter Range: Penetration depth of signal depends on analyzing frequency range. Lower frequency range means deeper penetration depth
Oscilloscope: For visualizing signal quality

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