Barkhausen noise sensors are available in many different types, shapes and sizes, in contact or non-contact types, and are completely customizable to suit any operation.

RoboScan Hypoid measuring pinion

The Barkhausen noise method is versatile and reliable for quality control inspection of many different types of parts.

  • Configurable in any size and shape
  • Contact or non-contact
  • Testing through non-magnetic coatings
  • Static tests or dynamic scanning
  • Static, dynamic, manual, or automated inspection
  • Spot surveys up to 100% surface inspection
  • Parts as small as semiconductor lead frames up to rolling mill rolls and beyond
Available Barkhausen noise sensor types are:
  • Camshaft Sensor
  • Pick-up Sensor
  • Gear Sensor
  • OD Sensor
  • Flat Sensor
  • General Purpose Sensor
  • ID Sensor
  • Crankshaft Sensor
  • Special Sensor

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