Xstress DR45

Newest generation of X-ray diffractometers delivering high quality data faster than ever before.

Xstress DR45 parts with motion blur

For manufacturing industry

  • Fast measurement, suitable even for production area
  • Easy to use software for operators
  • Templates for frequent measurements

Xstress DR45 shot

For laboratory use

  • Follows the standard EN15305
  • Multiple calculations available, includes features such as linear and elliptical regression, Dölle-Hauk, stress tensor and principal stresses. Peak fitting functions include cross-correlation, parabolic, Gauss, Lorentz, modified Lorentz, intermediate Lorentz, Pearson VII, Pseudo-Voigt, Voigt, centroid, centered centroid, sliding center of gravity, and midchord
  • X-ray diffractometer design enables measuring a great variation of different sized and shaped parts

Xstress DR45 portrait

For field use

  • Quick assembly, ready to use in 10 minutes
  • Robust design in diffractometer and Xstress MU
  • Diffractometer design enables measurement on uneven surfaces; with magnetic legs diffractometer can be fixed to different positions.

Xstress DR45


Xstress DR45, diffractometer
  • Rotation +- 180°
  • Tilt +-45°
  • Standard measurement distance 45mm
  • Magnetic legs with height adjustment
X-ray tube:
  • Chromium (Cr) with HV cable
  • Max. output 30 kV/9 mA/270 W
  • Quick change
Detector set for Xstress DR45
  • 2D detectors, 2 pieces
    • Quantum efficiency >90%, at 5 keV
    • 256 x 256 pixels
    • pixel size 55 µm
    • No dark current
  • Detector arc 45 mm
    • 2θ-range of the detectors:
      • Adjustable within 127-165°
      • Indexed positions 135°/ 145° and 156,4°
Xstress MU
  • X-ray power supply 5–30 kV/0–10 mA freely adjustable within limits
  • Self-contained liquid cooling system
  • Includes all interlocks required for complete safety
  • Touch screen for hardware status
Xstress Studio*
  • Measurement control
  • Data analyzing
  • Measurement visualization
  • Hardware operation control

*Detailed information below

Tool set for Xstress DR45
  • Complete tool set for the system adjustment and maintenance
  • Power cable for Xstress MU
  • Ethernet cable for connecting Xstress MU to computer
Measuring accessory set for Xstress DR45:
  • Replaceable collimators
    • Different sized collimators for optimizing measurement area and measurement time
    • 0.5/1/2/3/4 mm spot sizes
  • Set of stress-free powder samples for distance calibration
    • Fe-ferr. / Fe-aust. / Al
  • Accessories for system maintenance e.g. spare fuses
Transport packages
  • Aluminum transport packages for system delivery and storage


Xstress DR45

dimension diagram of Xstress DR45

Xstress MU

dimension diagram of xstress mu


Xstress Studio
  • Hardware operation control: detectors, DC motors, power supply, shutter, safety interlock functions, voltage and current, etc.
  • Automated calibration with zero stress powder samples to set diffractometer to sample distance
  • Project manager for depth distribution measurement and all kinds of mapping measurements
  • Library functions for material parameters
  • Theoretical peak position calculator for given material and radiation
  • Modified χ and Ω measurement modes
  • Peak shift determination with the most known methods such as cross-correlation and peak fit methods
  • Peak fit with 10 different functions: Gauss, Lorentz, Modified Lorentz, Intermediate Lorentz, Pearson VII, Split Pearson VII, Pseudo-Voigt, Split Pseudo-Voigt, Voigt and Split Voigt
  • Calculation of stress tensor and principal stresses
  • JSON based project file format
  • Conforming to EN 15305:2008

xstress studio screenshot 1

xstress studio screenshot 2

xstress studio screenshot 3

Calculation methods
  • Data preparation
    • Absorption correction
    • Lorentz correction
    • Polarization correction
    • Background subtraction
    • Constant background
    • Linear background
    • Parabolic background
    • Rachinger correction (K-alpha2 stripping)
    • Smoothing
    • Moving averages
    • Savitzky-Golay
  • Peak
    • Maximum intensity (height)
    • FWHM (full width at half maximum)
    • Integral width
    • Area
  • Peak shift (diffraction line position determination)
    • Cross-correlation
    • Centroid (center of gravity)
    • Centered centroid (centered center of gravity)
    • Sliding center of gravity
    • Midchord (middle of width at x% height)
    • Parabolic (parabola fit)
    • Peak fit (profile function fit)
    • Gauss profile
    • Lorentz profile
    • Modified Lorentz profile
    • Intermediate Lorentz profile
    • Pearson VII profile
    • Split Pearson VII profile
    • Pseudo-Voigt profile
    • Split Pseudo-Voigt profile
    • Voigt profile
  • Normal and shear stress
    • Linear regression
    • Elliptical regression
    • Dölle-Hauk
  • Stress tensor
    • Stress tensor without sigma33
    • Stress tensor with sigma33
  • Principal stresses
    • Minimum and maximum normal stress
    • Maximum shear stress
    • Equivalent stress
  • Statistics
    • Maximum intensity
    • Minimum intensity
    • Intensity ratio and check
    • Maximum area
    • Minimum area
    • Area ratio and check
    • Average FWHM
  • Depth profile
    • Depth profile correction


To complement the Xstress family we have a number of options to make measurements even easier, faster, and safer.

See Xstress options page for details.

Diffractometer options

  • Detector filters
  • Detector arcs for RS
  • Mythen detectors
  • Retained austenite
  • X-ray tubes
  • Extended legs
  • Collimators
  • Cooling

Sample handling

  • Mapping (X-Y) devices
  • Rotation devices
  • Elastic constant devices
  • Vices

Enclosures (safety)

  • Table for X-ray
  • Cabinets
  • Safety walls
  • Option for enclosures and safety walls

Depth measuring options

  • Electropolisher
  • Depth measuring stand
  • Dial indicator tools

Calibration options

  • Powder samples


  • Reference samples
  • X-ray camera
  • PC
  • Commissioning & Training
  • Language options


ANSI N43.3 – 1993

DR45 Residual Stress Measurement in One Direction - Examples

MaterialModeCollimatorX-ray tubePowerNumber of tiltsTilting rangeMeasurement time
SteelModified χ1 mmCr270 W5/5-45°/45°29 s
SteelΩ0.5 mmCr270 W4/4-45°/45°25 s
SteelModified χ0.3 mmCr270 W5/5-40°/40°80 s
TitaniumModified χ2 mmCu300 W5/5-45°/45°69 s
TitaniumModified χ1 mmCu300 W6/6-45°/45°60 s
Inconel 718Modified χ1 mmCr270 W5/5-45°/45°90 s
Textured MagnesiumModified χ3 mmCr270 W5/5-45°/45°120 s
AlModified χ1 mmCr270W5/5-45°/45°30 s
CuModified χ1 mmCr270W5/5-45°/45°30 s
WCModified χ3 mmCu270 W-5/5-45°/45°45 s
WCModified χ3 mmCr270 W-5/5-45°/45°45 s
WCModified χ3 mmMn210 W-5/5-45°/45°45 s

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