Xstress DR45

Newest generation of X-ray diffractometers delivering high quality data faster than ever before.

Xstress DR45 parts with motion blur

For manufacturing industry

  • Fast measurement, suitable even for production area
  • Easy to use software for operators
  • Templates for frequent measurements

Xstress DR45 shot

For laboratory use

  • Follows the standard EN15305
  • Multiple calculations available, includes features such as linear and elliptical regression, Dölle-Hauk, stress tensor and principal stresses. Peak fitting functions include cross-correlation, parabolic, Gauss, Lorentz, modified Lorentz, intermediate Lorentz, Pearson VII, Pseudo-Voigt, Voigt, centroid, centered centroid, sliding center of gravity, and midchord
  • X-ray diffractometer design enables measuring a great variation of different sized and shaped parts
  • Effortless and fast X-ray tube change

Xstress DR45 portrait

For field use

  • Quick assembly, ready to use in 10 minutes
  • Robust design in diffractometer and Xstress MU
  • Diffractometer design enables measurement on uneven surfaces; with magnetic legs diffractometer can be fixed to different positions.

Xstress DR45


Xstress DR45, diffractometer
  • Rotation +- 180°
  • Tilt +-45°
  • Standard measurement distance 45mm
  • Magnetic legs with height adjustment
X-ray tube:
  • Chromium (Cr) with HV cable
  • Max. output 30 kV/9 mA/270 W
  • Quick change
Detector set for Xstress DR45
  • 2D detectors, 2 pieces
    • Quantum efficiency >90%, at 5 keV
    • 256 x 256 pixels
    • pixel size 55 µm
    • No dark current
  • Detector arc 45 mm
    • 2θ-range of the detectors:
      • Adjustable within 127-165°
      • Indexed positions 135°/ 145° and 156,4°
Xstress MU
  • X-ray power supply 5–30 kV/0–10 mA freely adjustable within limits
  • Self-contained liquid cooling system
  • Includes all interlocks required for complete safety
  • Touch screen for hardware status
Xstress Studio*
  • Measurement control
  • Data analyzing
  • Measurement visualization
  • Hardware operation control

*Detailed information below

Tool set for Xstress DR45
  • Complete tool set for the system adjustment and maintenance
  • Power cable for Xstress MU
  • Ethernet cable for connecting Xstress MU to computer
Measuring accessory set for Xstress DR45:
  • Replaceable collimators
    • Different sized collimators for optimizing measurement area and measurement time
    • 0.5/1/2/3/4 mm spot sizes
  • Set of stress-free powder samples for distance calibration
    • Fe-ferr. / Fe-aust. / Al
  • Accessories for system maintenance e.g. spare fuses
Transport packages
  • Aluminum transport packages for system delivery and storage


  • X-ray tube Chromium (Cr) with 1 m cooling hose
  • X-ray tube Copper (Cu) with 1 m cooling hose
  • X-ray tube Manganese (Mn) with 1 m cooling hose
Cables for X-ray tubes
  • Xstress HV cable 5 m with collar
  • Xstress cooling hose 4 m, 2 pcs
  • Customized special collimators
  • Extended legs
Xstress Studio

Language option:

  • German language option for Xstress Studio
  • Chinese language option for Xstress Studio

For Xstress accessories like safety cabinets and depth measuring stand see Xstress Accessories page.


Xstress DR45

dimension diagram of Xstress DR45

Xstress MU

dimension diagram of xstress mu


Xstress Studio
  • Hardware operation control: detectors, DC motors, power supply, shutter, safety interlock functions, voltage and current, etc.
  • Automated calibration with zero stress powder samples to set diffractometer to sample distance
  • Project manager for depth distribution measurement and all kinds of mapping measurements
  • Library functions for material parameters
  • Theoretical peak position calculator for given material and radiation
  • Modified χ and Ω measurement modes
  • Peak shift determination with the most known methods such as cross-correlation and peak fit methods
  • Peak fit with 10 different functions: Gauss, Lorentz, Modified Lorentz, Intermediate Lorentz, Pearson VII, Split Pearson VII, Pseudo-Voigt, Split Pseudo-Voigt, Voigt and Split Voigt
  • Calculation of stress tensor and principal stresses
  • JSON based project file format
  • Conforming to EN 15305:2008

xstress studio screenshot 1

xstress studio screenshot 2

xstress studio screenshot 3

Calculation methods
  • Data preparation
    • Absorption correction
    • Lorentz correction
    • Polarization correction
    • Background subtraction
    • Constant background
    • Linear background
    • Parabolic background
    • Rachinger correction (K-alpha2 stripping)
    • Smoothing
    • Moving averages
    • Savitzky-Golay
  • Peak
    • Maximum intensity (height)
    • FWHM (full width at half maximum)
    • Integral width
    • Area
  • Peak shift (diffraction line position determination)
    • Cross-correlation
    • Centroid (center of gravity)
    • Centered centroid (centered center of gravity)
    • Sliding center of gravity
    • Midchord (middle of width at x% height)
    • Parabolic (parabola fit)
    • Peak fit (profile function fit)
    • Gauss profile
    • Lorentz profile
    • Modified Lorentz profile
    • Intermediate Lorentz profile
    • Pearson VII profile
    • Split Pearson VII profile
    • Pseudo-Voigt profile
    • Split Pseudo-Voigt profile
    • Voigt profile
  • Normal and shear stress
    • Linear regression
    • Elliptical regression
    • Dölle-Hauk
  • Stress tensor
    • Stress tensor without sigma33
    • Stress tensor with sigma33
  • Principal stresses
    • Minimum and maximum normal stress
    • Maximum shear stress
    • Equivalent stress
  • Statistics
    • Maximum intensity
    • Minimum intensity
    • Intensity ratio and check
    • Maximum area
    • Minimum area
    • Area ratio and check
    • Average FWHM
  • Depth profile
    • Depth profile correction


ANSI N43.3 – 1993

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