RoboScan L

RoboScan L is designed for quality control needs of small to large sized circular symmetrical parts like passenger car and truck shafts.

roboscan l
RoboScan L provides fast and flexible measurements with high repeatability for horizontally oriented, up to 2500 mm long parts.

Standard system features

  • ABB Industrial Robot
    • ABB Robot Controller
    • ABB Teach Pendant
  • Control panel
  • Manual change system for sensor fixture
  • Part orientation indexing
  • Horizontal rotation unit
  • Tailstock
  • Signal light tower
  • Light curtain safety system for RoboScan
  • Integrated electric cabinet with main switch
  • Keyboard and monitor mount

Options and Accessories


  • Inline option
  • Automatic tool change unit (Multiple units available)
    • For 3 tools
    • For 4 tools
  • Automated sensor cleaning
  • Automated tailstock
  • Pneumatic marker
  • 2D code reader
    • ViewScan option: 2D code reader module
  • ViewScan: Other language module
  • Documentation in local language

Mandatory Accessories

  • Area to be measured defines size and shape of the Barkhausen noise sensor. One system can be equipped with several different kind of sensors. Read more about our sensors: Barkhausen noise sensors