The 11th European Conference on Residual Stresses (ECRS-11) takes place in Prague, Czech Republic, on 3-7 June, 2024.

ECRS is a well-established conference series that focuses on residual stresses in structural and functional materials. From experimental methods via modelling techniques to industrial applications a broad gamut of residual stress-related topics is addressed. The series is well attended by scientists, PhD students and engineers from both academia and industry. 

Visit Stresstech’s booth to explore:

  • Xstress DR45: Newest generation of X-ray diffractometers delivering high quality data faster than ever before.
  • Rollscan 350: Barkhausen noise signal analyzer designed for surface quality control and testing of near-surface defects such as grinding burns, heat treatment defects, as well as changes in stress and microstructure in a wide variety of ferritic steel and other ferromagnetic materials.
  • Poster presentation: Depth-resolved residual stress analysis of mechanically processed WC-Co hardmetals by means of a multi-wavelength XRD method.

Date: Jun 03 - Jun 07, 2024
City: Prague
Country: Czech Republic