Barkhausen Noise Equipment

Non-destructive (NDT) measurement solutions for grinding burn and heat treatment defect testing.


Optimize your manufacturing process and deliver the highest quality components by using Barkhausen noise analysis for detection of grinding burn damage and heat treatment defects.

Main features of Barkhausen noise measurement system:

We provide Barkhausen noise inspection systems for a wide range of steel components in following automation levels:


Many manufacturing processes involve some modification of stress and/or microstructure that can be readily analyzed with Barkhausen noise. For example:

  • Machining – grinding, turning, milling
  • Cold working – shot peening, laser peening, autofrettage
  • Surface hardening – carburizing, nitriding, induction hardening

Various dynamic processes such as creep and fatigue similarly involve changes in stress and microstructure and can also be monitored with Barkhausen noise.

barkhausen noise applications

Questions about Barkhausen noise testing equipment?

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