Prism 3

Prism 3 is the state-of-the-art ESPI hole drilling system for residual stress measurement.

Prism 3 system

Prism 3 system measures surface distortion optically using laser light that is diffusely reflected from the sample surface. Surface distortions occurring after each drill increment will be analyzed and calculated for residual stress determination.

The system utilizes the laser-based contactless electronic speckle pattern interferometry principle (ESPI) to determine surface displacements.

Residual stress measurement with Prism 3

  • Semi-automated generation of stress depth profiles
  • No strain gage glueing and sample preparation
  • User adjustable area of strain analysis
  • PrismS software manages the measurement, collects the data and analyses the results and data quality


Main module

Controller Module Prism 3 (CMP3)
CMP3 contains both, pneumatic and electrical control of the entire system

  • Drill cooling air and chip air control, max. 5 bar (73 psi) inside
  • Drill module control on/off
  • Drill feed actuator control
  • Illumination LED light control
  • RJ45 connector for communication

Optical Module Prism 3 (OMP3)
OMP3 with laser and video head integrated to one enclosure:

  • Class 3B laser inside, laser output <5 mW (class 3R)
  • Camera with adjustable camera lens
  • RJ45 connector for communication
  • Power supply connector (15 VDC)

Drill feed actuator setup
A linear stage that is driven by an actuator for positioning the drill:

  • Base with linear stage
  • Stage actuator
  • Drill holder

Chip air set
Adjustable hose with nozzle for focusing the air stream to remove the chips from the drilling:

  • Chip air hose and nozzle
  • Base block

Measurement accessories

  • Prism 3 tool set
    • Allen key set
  • Laser protection goggles
  • Aluminium sample PL6 75 mm x 75 mm
    • Sample bar is used for system test and verification measurements
  • Sample holder (sample clamp)
  • Optical table 600 mm x 600 mm

Cable and hose set for Prism 3

  • Communication cable set
  • Pneumatic hoses
  • Set of power cables

Transport package
Transport package for system delivery and storage


Drill module

The precision drill recommended by Stresstech is an air-cooled electric drill that is capable of high rotational speeds. It is custom mounted onto Drill feed actuator setup (included in Main module), which can position the drill with an accuracy better than 2 μm. Recommended drill consists of:

Drill motor

  • Brushless motor
  • 50 000 rpm

Drill spindle

  • Ceramic bearings
  • 50 000 rpm
  • High precision
  • Ø3.175 mm (1/8 inch) collet

Drill motor controller

  • 1 000-50 000 rpm
  • External input/output control signal
  • Air control

Cable set

  • Cable set of the drill components and connecting it to Main module

If you want to use other drill with the system, please contact Stresstech.

End mill set

  • End mill 874-T-0031 2FL SE STD CARB EM 1/32″ TiN
  • End mill 874-T-0062 2FL SE STD CARB EM 1/16″ TiN

Illumination module

Light source
The light source recommended by Stresstech is equipped with flexible arm. It helps in focusing the sample surface image and when making the define hole image:

  • Adjustable LED light
  • Connection cable

If you want to use other light with the system, please contact Stresstech.

PC module

Desktop PC
The desktop PC recommended by Stresstech is chosen according to the needs of Prism 3 system.

  • Desktop PC, monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • MS Windows operating system and PrismS software installed
  • Network cables
  • Three ethernet ports (two for Prism 3 communication and one for company network)

If you want to use other PC with the system, please contact Stresstech.

PrismS software

The software automatically generates multiple graphs for comparison of different calculations and measurements. The user can run individual drilling increments manually or switch to fully automatic measurement at any time. The drilling process can be customized with several parameters to address challenges different materials pose for drilling.

PrismS software residual stress results

PrismS software

Options for hardware

  • Optical table 2000 mm x 1000 mm x 210 mm, Metric
  • End mill 874-T-0125 2FL SE STD CARB EM 1/8″ TiN


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