Webinar: Measuring Residual Stress via x-ray Diffraction – Additive Manufacturing

X-ray diffraction (XRD) is a standardized and industry accepted method for determining residual stress in crystalline materials.

This webinar is the third in a series of presentations designed to provide current and future users with useful information on the operating fundamentals of XRD, limitations and capabilities of the method, available measurement hardware, as well as examples of practical applications in metal additive.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • Theory and background on the use of x-ray diffraction in determining residual stress
  • State-of-the-art features of this technology
  • Real world examples highlighting the use of the XRD method in additively manufactured components

James Thomas received a B.S. in physics from the University of Pittsburgh and is the general manager of American Stress Technologies. He has been with the company for 13 years specializing in using magnetic Barkhausen noise for materials characterization and defect detection. James’ work and research with Barkhausen noise technology have been published in several industry publications including Advanced Materials & Processes, American Institute of Physics, and SAE International’s Journal of Materials and Manufacturing.

Wade Gubbels received his B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering from New Mexico State University and The University of British Columbia, respectively. His academic background focused on the development of optical methods including electronic speckle pattern interferometry and digital image correlation for shape, deformation, and surface displacement measurement. Prior to joining American Stress Technologies, he worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory performing residual stress measurements utilizing ESPI hole-drilling and neutron diffraction. Wade has been with American Stress Technologies for six years and is responsible for operations in the Western United States.

Date: Oct 27 - Oct 27, 2021
Hours: 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EEST
Language: English