International cooperation active at Stresstech

For many summers, Stresstech Oy and other Stresstech companies have hosted international trainees and participated in internship programs with different universities, most often from European countries. In 2016 two trainees from abroad joined Stresstech Oy together with young local summer trainees.

A second year mechanical engineering student Mert BESTAV, from Dokuz Eylül University (DEU), Izmir, Turkey, came to Stresstech for two months to learn about the Barkhausen noise phenomenon and practical measurements with Stresstech’s Rollscan instruments. In summer 2016 also another young trainee had his internship with us. Filip ČERVINKA came to Finland from Czech Republic, where he has graduated as a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at Brno University of Technology and where he will be continuing in his master’s program for two more years.

Main purpose for Mert was to get to know the Barkhausen noise method, the instruments and measuring with different Rollscan models. Filip in turn came to Stresstech to learn how to use Stresstech products, especially X-ray diffractometer systems with robots. Working in close contact with our measurement service laboratory, the students learned to do measurements with Stresstech’s Xstress systems as well as Barkhausen noise instruments including GearScan 500.

“The main reasons for my internship are R&D research and project between Stresstech, Dokuz Eylül University (DEU), and Delphi Diesel Turkey. I´m planning to be part of this project, when I will turn back to Turkey with Delphi and DEU as soon as possible”, describes Mert. “I will start to study possibilities to contribute the BN Method in Turkish industry. The method is a leading-edge technology in Turkey, so hard work is needed to develop its use in Turkey in the future. I am also planning to work on BN method for my master research after I graduate”, tells Mert.

Both Mert and Filip felt that the time spent as a trainee in Finland was beneficial for their future. “During my internship I have learned team-working, colleague relations, wondering , asking and I have developed my analytic thinking, engineering skills and my business English at Stresstech Oy”, describes Mert. Filip in turn concludes his Finland time: “My internship at Stresstech was very useful and interesting for my studies and also for my work plans in the future. This training gave me some useful skills about non-destructive sample testing. This time was very enjoyable and interesting for me, and it would be a pleasure to visit your company again in the future”.

Mert and Filip
Mert and Filip at work