Stresstech Oy acquired by Nova Instruments

Jyväskylä, Finland – April 6, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Nova Instruments LLC, a Boston, Massachusetts, USA based test and measurement company, with an extensive portfolio of non-destructive testing technology and solutions, has acquired Stresstech Oy. The addition and integration of Stresstech into the Nova Instruments’ group will secure Stresstech’s long-term growth objectives. Stresstech’s products will further complement the range of non-destructive testing solutions offered by Nova Instruments’ existing portfolio of businesses, Dantec Dynamics, NDT Systems, Phoenix Inspection Systems and Technology Design. “We are very pleased to become part of the Nova Instruments organization – this move opens up Stresstech’s access to new markets and technology and further strengthens our global reach,” said Lasse Suominen, President of Stresstech Oy.

Stresstech’s former owners, Lasse Suominen, Juha Siiriäinen, Robert Fix and Dominik Dapprich, will continue in their roles within the organization. “Each of these individuals have extensive industry knowledge and experience that will further our collective goals and objectives,” said Jean-Marc Muller, President of Nova Instruments. “The valued history and reputation of the Stresstech brand in the marketplace, coupled with its dedicated employees, will further Nova Instruments’ vision of delivering innovation and reliable solutions to the non-destructive test and measurement industry.”

About Nova Instruments

Nova Instruments LLC is a leading provider of high-end test and measurement equipment targeting mechanical engineering applications. The range of applications include fluid mechanics, spray and combustion diagnostics, particle and droplet characterization as well as non-destructive testing within a variety of attractive growth markets such as Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Environmental, Industrial, Medical and Scientific Research.