CamScan 50

CamScan 50 is a manual grinding burn and heat treatment defect detection system for low-volume applications.


CamScan 50 is designed for quality control needs of small to medium sized circular symmetrical parts like passenger car shafts.

  • Customizable ground level system for Barkhausen noise inspection method
  • One stand can be equipped with several different sensor arms and sensors for detecting a great variation of surfaces and parts
  • Can be placed next to production line for sample test and optimizing machining parameters or in testing laboratory for material study

More Information

Standard System Features

  • Drive center
  • Handle for manual rotation
  • Tailstock with fine adjustment wheel
  • One sensor arm as standard, additional sensor arms as option
  • Standard frame 1150 mm, other sizes as option


Options for sensor carrier:

  • ID sensor arm for measuring ID surfaces
  • Custom sensor carrier/arm/fixture
  • Sensor carrier limiter
  • Sensor carrier limiter spring stopper

Options for frame:

  • Short frame: length less than 1150 mm/45.28 in
  • Long frame: length 1151 mm–2000 mm/45.31 in–78.74 in

Options for drive head:

  • Drive center with plastic pin
  • Drive center, smooth
  • Drive center, smooth and cut
  • Drive center 7610120
  • Chuck and chuck jaws (RÖHM ZG 300)
  • Chuck and chuck jaws (RÖHM KRF 125)

Other options:

  • Bed for assembled camshaft modules (X-Y table for cylinder head module)
  • Adjustable camshaft/shaft bed for attaching V-blocks to the frame
  • V-blocks for the axle support
  • 2D code reader option:
    • 2D code reader
    • ViewScan option: 2D code reader module
  • ViewScan option: Other language module
  • Documentation in local language

Mandatory Accessories


Barkhausen noise system requires analyzer:

  • Area to be measured defines size and shape of the Barkhausen noise sensor. One system can be equipped with several different kind of cam sensors. Read more about our sensors: Barkhausen noise sensors


camscan 50 dimensions

Dimensions of CamScan 50 with chuck

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